Make your boils a thing of the past with these easy techniques.

treat boilsHaving skin issues from time to time is rather normal for lots of people. Sunburns, insect bites, and a few zits here and there can blemish your skin every once in a while. These may seem inconsequential for many, but if it’s a boil that popped up, you should never shrug it off.

Boils are infections caused by the staphylococcus bacteria so it certainly requires treatment the moment it crops up. They can also get huge, painful, and itchy – all the more reasons to deal with them as soon as you can.

But how do you treat boils? There are actually a few ways to handle this ailment, depending on the severity of the case. We’ve listed a few different methods below to help you deal with boils more effectively.

Treating Small Boils

For small boils, hot compresses are highly recommended by most experts. The warmth can improve the circulation in the afflicted area, so in turn, it can help your body fight the infection better. It can also speed up the process of bringing the boil to a head so you can drain it right away.

This entails a very simple process, even though it doesn’t offer instant results. Here are the tips and tricks in using this method:

  1. To make a hot compress, you can either use an actual hot pad or a clean washcloth that has been soaked in warm water. Apply it to the afflicted area for about 10 minutes and repeat for about two to three times a day.
  2. Never lance, prick, or pop the boil on your own. No matter how tempting doing this can be you should resist the urge as it can only spread the infection to other areas of your skin.


You should wait for it to burst on its own. Once it does, you should drain all the pus out. While doing this, you should also keep the area clean by washing it with an antibacterial soap. This might sting a little, but you have to power through if you don’t want another boil in another area.

  1. Clean and dress the boil. Doing this will allow the boil to continuously drain itself while minimizing the wound’s exposure to other microorganisms. Make sure to clean it thoroughly with an antiseptic and finish off with an antibacterial cream to keep other infections at bay.
  2. Change the dressing every few hours. Ideally, you only need to change the boil’s dressing every 12 hours. But if it’s still draining and soaking the dressing with blood and pus, change it as often as needed to keep the wound clean.
  3. Keep applying heat to the boil. This can help further speed up the healing process. Make sure to use a clean hot compress and always wash your hands before and after getting in contact with a boil so the infection won’t spread.

See a Doctor to Treat Other Boils

While most boils are manageable with the right techniques at home, there are also ones that will require you to see your doctor right away. If any of the following describes your boil, set up an appointment with your physician as soon as you can:

  • Extremely painful
  • Larger than two inches in diameter
  • Didn’t burst after two weeks of applying a hot compress
  • Infected
  • Comes with fever and chills
  • Located in your face, spine, in the crease of your buttocks, or anywhere else that’s hard to reach on your own
  • Keeps coming back

BoilX and Its Role in Treating Boils

While treating your boil, you can also use additional products like the BoilX to handle the symptoms. This product is a homeopathic blend that’s specifically crafted to help alleviate the other conditions boils bring. It can help you manage the pain and itchiness while its ingredients help fight off the infection in your system.

BoilX is also very easy to use as it comes in a spray bottle. Two pumps under your tongue are already enough for a single dosage. It’s fuss-free and effective which is why it’s certainly worth a try. Read full BoilX Reviews here.

Getting Rid of Boils

Boils may seem very daunting and nasty but you don’t have to despair if you have one. As long as you know how to treat this skin infection and you’re willing to take the steps to get rid of it, it can be cured. The process may not be instantaneous but there are lots of ways how to make it bearable.

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